One Diocese, One Season, One Book

This is the fourth year for our One Diocese, One Season, One Book program.  We ask the whole diocese to read the same book during Lent.  We put out a study guide for the book. We get the books at a discount when we can.

Between 300 and 400 people each year have read the book and talked about it in their congregations and shared thoughts with each other.  During Lent we always have an event where we gather together to IMG_20160303_190825609reflect on the themes of the book.

This year we are reading Songs My Grandma Sang by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry.  The book uses the songs that he remembers learning as a child as the basis for reflection on the life of faith.  People have really enjoyed reading the book and thinking and talking about what hymns they remember learning as a young person that have shaped their lives of faith.

For our evening gathering this year we asked people to send us their favorite hymns and we gathered together for a good old fashioned hymn sing.  It took me back to my roots in Mississippi, where hymn sings were common and much enjoyed.

Here is a video clip of our group singing “Holy, Holy, Holy” with great gusto

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