The Light Shines in the Darkness

Our Diocesan Feast of Lights was Sunday evening.  If you are not familiar with the Feast of Lights, it is a service that tells of the coming of the Light of Christ into the world and the spread of that light from Mary and Joseph through the apostles and evangelists and then to all the world.

The service is traditionally led by acolytes and consists of a combination of readings from Scripture, the lighting of candles and the singing of hymns.

This year 28 acolytes from 9 congregations and the Cathedral boys and girls choir led the service.  My favorite part of the afternoon is that, between the rehearsal and the service itself, I get to give the acolytes a tour of the Cathedral.  Standing behind the altar and in the pulpit and in the organ loft at the Cathedral and sharing that view with the children and young adults of the Diocese is a wonderful thing.  We looked at the things that connect our faith to generations of people who have believed what we believe and worshiped where we worship, that is very special.

For the whole service the lights in the Cathedral are dimmed and at the end of the service, I stood in the back of the church and looked at the lights of over 100 candles, and was surrounded by the light of the candles held by the acolytes and all I could think was how blessed I am to be allowed to share the light of Christ with a new generation of Christians and how awesome is the responsibility to share that light with the world.

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