Easter Message

Homeless Jesus Sculpture

Homeless Jesus sculpture outside St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral, Buffalo, NY.

The one place we won’t find Jesus is in the tomb. He needs us to meet him out in our world and see him in our brothers and sisters. I urge you all to seek Jesus in the faces of everyone you encounter. Jesus is reflected in all of us.

You can find him in the faces of those you love and hold dear.

HJ1You will also find him, as the new sculpture of Homeless Jesus outside St. Paul’s Cathedral reminds us, in the faces of the homeless and hungry, the lonely seniors, the exhausted young parents, the worried unemployed, the stressed-out teenager.

If you seek the risen Jesus, just look around you.

Our challenge as Christians is to seek and respond to this Jesus, the Jesus we can find in the faces of everyone we encounter if we just look for Him. That is what Easter is all about in the here and now.

I will be celebrating Easter at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral this weekend at two services:

  • Saturday, April 4 – The Great Vigil & First Mass of Easter at 7 pm
  • Sunday, April 5 – Easter Day at 11:15 am

St Paul’s Cathedral is located at the corner of Church and Pearl Streets in Buffalo. All are welcome.




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