Making Connections

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3 Responses to Making Connections

  1. Jeffrey Dole says:

    Is very pretty, Your Holiness, but, Sir…. will there be 1000s or red flags, come December 1st, for World Aids Day? AND, Sir, what about the THOUSANDS of flags, considering NFL season is underway, for this being ‘Domestic Violence Month’? I have found religious leader take the easy road, and don’t wish to conquer the tough issues, as example with the Catholics reworking their Pope’s stance on gays…. all nice for show, Sir btw, a life-long member of Hamburg Trinity, and a very proud Episcopalian…

    • rwfranklin says:

      Dear Jeff, you are right that there are many worthy causes in need of support, and I am happy to know you are a proud Episcopalian.
      Since the inception of this project back in July, we have said that Health Awareness Week will focus on a different health issue each year. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and for the past two years a number of our female clergy who are breast cancer survivors held a service of healing and remembrance for others like themselves. It was this service that inspired the idea of Health Awareness Week. We felt it made sense to honor that work by choosing breast cancer to be the health issue we focused upon for this first year. You can read the original announcement which states this on the diocesan website at A second news release you may find interesting explains the unique connection between Roswell Park and our Church. That can be at

      • Jeffrey Dole says:

        Again, your Holiness, you failed to mention the causes I stated…… is this what religion does? Work for the politically expedient, and screw the “poor and trodden” as Jesus told us to help?

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