Members’ Voices

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5 Responses to Members’ Voices

  1. Robert Zacher says:

    My apologies. Thundering silence must mean that I went ‘over the top’, as it were with my comment about the bishop’s dark hair.

    • rwfranklin says:

      Dear Bob,
      Sorry for my failure to respond, but has been a busy time.

      I am not offended in any way by your comment, but I do prefer to limit comments on my blogs to responses about what I have to say, rather than how I look. I hope you will continue to read my blog and share your thoughts about the ideas I discuss.

      In Christ, +Bill

  2. Lois tripp says:

    Thank you for this wonderful posting. We have such well spoken and faithful youth!!! What a strong future we have to look forward to.

  3. Robert Zacher says:

    Oh thanks, Bill. I am much relieved. As you know, sometimes we speak or write before we think, That is especially true, I think, of extroverts like me with a laptop in front of them. Best wishes for an enjoyable Western New York summer time.

  4. mesiegweeks says:

    Love this and I can see girls from my own parish in the background. They have a lot to say, I am very proud of each of them.

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