An Emerging New Episcopal Identity

As we enter Holy Week, I offer these thoughts:

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2 Responses to An Emerging New Episcopal Identity

  1. Yvonne Carlson says:

    I believe this is really thought provoking. We had a similar experience at Grace, Randolph when one of our parishioners spoke to all of us about what his ‘life journey’ had been and how he appreciated his church family, and of course, the presence of The Lord in his life.
    We anticipate there will be more sharing. There is something about, literally, voicing your Christian journey experience with others that makes one realize each of us is God’s child. Perhaps this allows us to see that yesterday’s need for social tiering at church is exactly that, yesterday. We are FAMILY.

  2. rwfranklin says:

    Thank you, Yvonne, for your thoughts. Sharing the stories of our spiritual journeys is a very powerful thing. So glad to know you have found it so at Grace Church.

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