Have Yourself a Child-like Advent

During Advent I am publishing a series of short reflections on scriptural passages.

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2 Responses to Have Yourself a Child-like Advent

  1. Judy Elliott says:

    Thank you, Bishop Bill, for the first part of your Advent message. I agree it is on the face of children that we see the expectation and excitement of the birth of Jesus, Wait until you see the 5PM Children’s Christmas Pageant at the Cathedral on Dec. 24th – you will have a real smile on your face, too!
    Judy Elliott
    St. Paul’s Cathedral

    • Sandy O'Loughlin says:

      Thank you for anchoring Advent and Christmas in scripture and tradition. Commerce long ago twisted the season passed all recognition; and the relentless messaging to “shop till you drop” is now past avoiding. While we can’t escape it all, it is good to be reminded that we must try to tune out/ turn off what we can, and surrender to the quiet and interior promise of Christmas. Sandy O’Loughlin, Trinity Buffalo

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