How is the Diocese a Resource?

In this fourth and final video of my Second Teaching Series, you’ll learn about the various ways the diocesan staff is now structured to serve as a resource to your congregation.

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2 Responses to How is the Diocese a Resource?

  1. Sandy O'Loughlin says:

    Excellent ptresentation, as always. Soooo glad that you’re doing this. We need to talk this teacing plan up more in the parishes.

  2. Judy Elliott says:

    Very good part 4 in your series, Bishop Bill. I’m so glad you keep emphasizing “that grace allows us to change, and because we can change, we have hope.” You mentioned congregational development, communications, financial resources, and youth ministry, but do we have a resource person for newcomers? Since we want to invite people into the Episcopal Church in WNY, how do we keep track of who they are, and how do we make them feel an important addition to the family? Should newcomer ministry be solely the responsibility of each of our parishes?

    Judy Elliott
    St. Paul’s Cathedral

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