Reading the Signs of the Times

That our parishes and the diocese must change in order to survive is evident to me. Are we ready to embrace change, as frightening as it might be? Are we bold enough to let go of our comfortable old ways of being the church in order to explore new ways that speak to the world as it now is and as it will become? Or will we stubbornly refuse? The choice is ours.

I hope you’ll watch this video blog with an open heart and then not only pray for a vibrant future for our church, but also take action with others in your faith community to make it so.

(Read the transcript of Reading the Signs of the Times)

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1 Response to Reading the Signs of the Times

  1. Susan Laber of North East, PA , temporarily an inactive member of St. Peter's EC, Westfield, Ny and says:

    This was an excellent speech . I would be interested in knowing what strategies are being developed to make this happen in the diocese. I have been evangelizing and attempting to build up the church population in many churches through my ministry since 1983. Prayer has been the focus of my ministry and it has produced results. However, the issue that has been the challenge in every church that I have led people to as been the issue of assimilation. I would like to know your opinion on now that can be achieved. I do agree with everything that you are saying in this speech.

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