Youth – Our Future is in Them

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1 Response to Youth – Our Future is in Them

  1. edwalker5678 says:

    I reveled in your descriptions of meeting with our youth at summer camp. Sharp memories of long weekend retreats with our parish EYC at the former docesian retreat center in Maple Springs along the shores of Lake Chatauqua rose quickly to my mind. I also recalled the wonderful week-long summer camps at Theil College in PA with youth from all over. These all occured for me in the late “60s, a time when we were all “looking to be found”. In retrospect, I know that I was “found” in the beliefs that were strenghtend in getting to know folks my own age who were struggling with the same issues of the day. I believe that we need this kind of modern “traditional” experience more than ever and I am thrilled and encouraged to hear your thoughts and focus you have placed on youth as fundamental to our growth as a church.

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