Two Weeks In: Engaging Days as Bishop

Bishop Franklin and some 2011 DeVeaux Scholars

Bishop Franklin and some 2011 DeVeaux Scholars

This past week has been very busy. I met with clergy and laity at Trinity, Hamburg and St. Mark’s, Orchard Park last Thursday and at St. Michael’s, Oakfield and St. James’ in Batavia. on Friday.

On Saturday I presided at a memorial service for Charlie Blaine, a long time member of Trinity, Buffalo and a former chancellor of the diocese. In the afternoon I attended an 80th birthday celebration honoring the Rev. Bill Wipfler at St. Matthias’ in East Aurora.

I made a visitation to Good Shepherd, Buffalo Sunday morning where I received two new people into the Episcopal church and celebrated the reaffirmation of one Episcopalian. Next I celebrated  a 1789 Eucharist at St. Philip’s, Buffalo for their 150th anniversary.

Samuel DeVeauxThen it was on to the diocesan center where I met some of this year’s DeVeaux Scholarship and Grant recipients at a reception held in their honor.

Finally, seeking a restful end to the day, I decided to attend Trinity@7 which is a meditative service offered every Sunday evening at Trinity, Buffalo.

Here is a brief video clip of the remarks I made at the DeVeaux Scholarship reception. The New York Times article I refer to in my remarks can be read here.

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1 Response to Two Weeks In: Engaging Days as Bishop

  1. edwalker5678 says:

    I was very pleased with your comments to the DeVeaux scholars. I have thought for some time that we should be reaching out to them to offer assistance. Our parish is very close to NU and I think it would be great to get something going with them. Would it be possible to connect with these students and find out what would be most helpful for them?

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